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Yes we do! Transit times vary depending on the distance of your move; however, we offer same day delivery within USA for perishable goods, live animals etc. If you are shipping documents or cars etc within USA, we guarantee a 2-3-day delivery. If you are shipping out of USA, we guarantee 3-7days delivery. If for any reason your shipment takes longer than the number of days, we will deduct $35 off your order for every day it’s late. Whether it’s delayed due to mechanical problems or weather, your order will be discounted. Be sure to ask our competitors if they offer this!

This depends entirely upon the distance it’s traveling.  Cross country moves typically take 10-14 days.  A move from either coast to the center of the country will take 5-10 days.  When you receive a quote from us you will also receive the transit time for your particular move.

The rate you are quoted will be for door to door service (unless specified otherwise). If you prefer your shipment to be done terminal to terminal we can accommodate your request for an additional charge. This does not include storage fees that may be assessed.

“Door to door” means “as close as the truck can legally and safely reach.” However, in some cases, it may be necessary to meet the truck at a prearranged spot to load and unload. This may occur because of local weight restrictions, low hanging branches, narrow streets or difficulty exiting your neighborhood.

The truck driver or his dispatcher will contact you prior to pickup and delivery to provide you with a time frame and receive directions. They will also advise you if it is necessary to meet him (usually at a shopping center or parking lot) for pickup or delivery if he can’t get right to your door.  We will be very honest and tell you that this is the case about 85% of the time.

Contact is usually made 24 hours in advance. Please be aware that the driver or his dispatcher will need to make actual contact with someone before they will deliver your goods.

We usually accept PayPal, but we have had many problems of delay payment by clients and we have changed our mode of payment to Bitcoins (www.localbitcoins.com), Monogram, and Warlmart-Warlmart since they are much faster and safes time for both parties.

Of course you can. We generally ask for a 2-4 day window, however, for an additional charge (usually around $150) you can choose which day you’d like your goods picked up.

In the event you are not available at the time of pick up/delivery, you will need to make arrangements to have a friend, neighbor or co-worker release/receive your goods. If that is not possible for you we can usually locate a terminal for you to drop your goods off or for us to deliver to. If you are unavailable or we cannot contact you at time of delivery your goods may be dropped off at a terminal (which may not be nearby). A terminal drop fee ($50-$75) and any storage fees must be paid to the terminal prior to receiving your vehicle. Additional delivery charges may be assessed if you require the good to be delivered and you can’t pick it up yourself.

Contact is usually made (or at least attempted) the day before pick up/delivery. The driver or dispatcher will provide you with a time frame and will confirm directions. They will also advise you if it is necessary to meet him (usually at a shopping center or large parking lot) for pickup or delivery if he can’t get right to your door.

If you have fully paid and insured your good by each of our carriers. All carriers have a deductible (just like you have on your insurance policy). We absorb the deductible in the event of damage. If damage occurs there are important guidelines that must be followed before a claim can be processed. First and foremost, there must be (in the eyes of the insurance company) damage. Sounds strange but the damage must be noted on delivery! If it’s not listed, there must not have been any damage. Second, take pictures as soon as possible. Third, obtain at least two estimates. When this is completed submit estimates and original photos to the carrier who shipped your good, attention CLAIMS. We will help in any way possible to facilitate the process but it is the carrier who will honor or deny the claim.

An open carrier is the same type of trailer that the dealerships/auctions use to transport goods. They are two levels and fit 7-10 cars onboard or there are other types of open trailers that may only hold 2-5 cars. This is the most common & least expensive type of carrier people use. An enclosed carrier is a fully enclosed trailer which can hold 2-8 cars (two levels) and they typically haul exotics, classics, etc. and the cost is roughly 70% more.  Many enclosed trailers have lift gates which is an ideal way to load/unload low profile vehicles.